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Klicker: The clear choice for 16th District

The letter published in Sunday’s Union-Bulletin by Suzie Hamburg Davis claims Mark Klicker is too extreme for Walla Walla. Just the opposite is the case.

Klicker is well-qualified to serve our community and the entire 16th District in the state House of Representatives.

As the Union-Bulletin Editorial Board correctly points out, “Klicker has a breadth of knowledge on agriculture and environmental issues, as well as a clear understanding of how the Legislature really works.”

When the Legislature meets in January, legislators will face significant challenges about spending and tax issues as a result of the pandemic. We need a representative who understands our district and is the mainstream of our community. That is clearly Klicker, and that’s why he has the endorsement of current and former elected officials such as Mike Hewitt, Dave Mastin, Terry Nealey and Todd Kimball.

Scott and I have known Mark since we were kids, he is the most open minded and approachable individual you could ever meet. To say his views are too extreme for Walla Walla just isn’t true.

Mark would listen and consider issues on both sides of the aisle, as he is truly a man of integrity. He knows how Olympia works, and even though he isn’t a nurse like his opponent he has the pulse on our district because of the many connections and individuals he comes across every day.

Will health care be an important issue in the next coming years for our district? Of course, when is it not? Does Mark know the views and issues of our communities in regards to health care, hospitals and the pandemic? You better believe it, and he knows how to legislate to represent all of us with this very important matter in today’s world.

I’m a retired nurse who worked at St. Mary Medical Center and the Walla Walla Clinic myself and I have every confidence that Mark would take all concerns regarding health care from his constituents straight to Olympia.

You couldn’t find a better public servant to represent all of us in Olympia than Klicker. Please help us in making our district be heard like it’s never been heard before by voting for Klicker on Nov.3.

Renee Krivoshein

Walla Walla

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