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Lifelong Democrat supports Klicker

As a lifelong Democrat I would not hesitate to vote for Mark Klicker as representative for the 16th Legislative District on Nov. 3.

I can sum up Mark’s greatest qualities in two words: Character and trust.

Character is fundamental to effective leadership, good character builds trust without trust, people will not follow.

In my opinion Mark is someone who scores high in integrity, responsibility and compassion. Trust is a quality that people earn over time. Mark has not only talked the talk but most importantly he has walked the walk.

In reviewing the results of the August primary the people in 16rh District have embraced his vision and are willing to follow his lead. I have had the privilege of knowing Mark and his family for 55-plus years.

I was a Klicker picker during the 1960s, where I learned the value of hard work. Even though I have not lived in Walla Walla for many years, my years working at the Klicker ranch has been instrumental of who I am today.

As someone who has been in education for over 40 years I always look back at my formative years knowing that the Klicker family as one of my guides along with my parents. The Klicker culture was if you work hard you can earn greater responsibilities.

Mark will represent the people of the 16th District 16 in Olympia extremely well. Please mark your ballot for Mark on Nov. 3.

Once a Klicker picker always a Klicker picker

Dick Determan

Soquel, Calif.

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